The Pelinaion (1940)

 32 21 20.82 N, 64 38 36.36 W

The Pelinaion was a large cargo steamer, 385 feet long with a 50 foot beam and a displacement of 4,291 tons. She was built at Port Glasgow in 1907 but her ownership changed numerous times before she was purchased by a Greek shipping company and given her present name in 1939.

The Pelinaion was heading from West Africa to Baltimore with a cargo of iron ore when she struck the reef off St. David's Head on January 16, 1940. The wreck lies one mile offshore in depths ranging from 20 to 70 feet.

She is an awesome sight because of her large size and massive parts. Most noticeable are the ship's giant steam boilers, huge triple expansion engine standing upright and a spare propeller strapped to her deck.

Pelinaion - 1940 - Bermuda Shipwrecks from Dr Philippe Max Rouja on Vimeo.

The wreck was never lost and was always known as a fishing site.

This wreck is buoyed under the Bermuda Dive Sites program established by the Marine Environmental Committee of the Bermuda National Trust in association with the Ministry of the Environment and is a protected site with a 300m no fishing limitation.

The Pelinaion appeared in the Bermuda Sun Unprotected Historic Wrecks List submitted by the Receiver of Wreck in October 1977.