The Case Gin (Cave House) Wreck

Sitting adjacent to Harbour Road, due north of Cave House, sits a presumably early to mid 19th century vessel of some size. Apparently she burnt at anchor. The wreck got its name from the remains of her cargo which contained many bottles, the remains of which are in evidence throughout the area.

Elements of her rigging protrude above the sand in the deeper parts (20 feet) and as one reaches the shore, sections of her wooden hull and iron fastenings are apparent. This must have been a fairly large ship.

The remains of this vessel are well known in the diving community and the area is also known for the small caves that run under Harbour Road feeding a larger cave system and the associated marine life that feed there. 

This wreck was apparently surveyed by the British Sub Aqua club as part of an NAS training  program 10 years ago.