Teddy Tucker – 19th C Water Tank Wreck

32.3517 -64.9152

The primary identifier of this wreck is a square riveted water tank sitting on a hardpan bottom of reef in about 30 feet of water.

To the north and west of the tank is strewn a substantial amount of wreckage consisting mostly of metal as well as some timbers in the deeper shell grit/coarse sand filled parts of the rock.

The reef area generally shows the damaging effects of a shipwreck coming to rest and perishing here.

This will be an interesting wreck to document as it requires no substantial excavation but has a few distinct ship features across a broad site presenting interesting mapping challenges. 

Relocated by Mr. Tucker assisted by Dr. Rouja August 22nd 2011, this site has been pre approved as welcoming investigation by field school groups.

Interested researchers should contact the Custodian of Wrecks