Fraternite 1915

32 22’ 50.04” N, 64 40’ 14.18” W

The Fraternite sank or ran aground on her maiden voyage. She was burnt in-situ on the breakers known as Pilchard Dicks. She then came afloat and was taken to St. Georges and put aground at Meyers eastward of the Ready for salvage where her remains can still be seen today.

Two 3 ton patent anchors from the ship were salvaged and sold to the Bermuda Board of Trade and after World War II the wreck was salvaged again by Teddy Tucker with the non ferrous metals such as the condenser sold to Louis Dietz in New Jersey.

The remains of the hull of the Fraternite are still at Meyers in St Georges to the east of the Ready and some elements of the ship lost at Pilchard Dicks (32 22’ 09.19” N 64 54’ 59.45” W) including sections of her mast rigging (cables) and deck hardware are still visible tangled into the coral to the east of the blind breaker.  

The Fraternite is not a part of the Bermuda Dive Sites program and is not regularly dived but the wreck is well known. The debris from her grounding and burning at Pilchard Dicks is located in a popular area for snorkelling, diving, lobster diving and spear fishing