Bermuda Campylopus (Campylopus bermudianus)

Bermuda Campylopus is a moss that is endemic to Bermuda. It is quite rare, as it is only found in Paget Marsh growing at the base of Bermuda Palmetto trees. It may have been more common historically in palmetto-dominated freshwater marsh habitats.

campylopus from Britton.jpg

Sketch from Flora of Bermuda by N.L. Britton

This moss is dark green and grows to about 2.5 inches (6 cm) tall. The leaves are often crowded toward the tips of branching stems. The leaves, which encircle the stems, are pointed and straight edged with a toothed tip. 

Due to its endemic status, and limited population in only one location, this species has been listed as Critically Endangered under the Bermuda Protected Species Act 2003 (Protected Species Order 2007).

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Protected Species Information Sheet [PDF]