Bermuda Shield Fern (Thelypteris bermudiana)

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This endemic fern was formerly known as Dryopteris bermudiana and Nephrodium bermudiana and Goniopteris bermudiana. It was first described in Botany of the Voyage of the Challenger in 1885.  Bermuda Shield Fern lives on damp rock faces and at the mouths of caves in mature woodland. It has become rare as a result of habitat destruction. It is now found at the entrance to caves and rock crevices in the Walsingham tract, between Harrington Sound and Castle Harbour. 

The Bermuda Shield Fern is one of 9 endemic Bermudian plants that has undergone assessment for inclusion on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It was added to the List in June 2014 with 'Endangered' status. Bermuda Shield Fern is listed as a level 2 protected species under the Bermuda Protected Species Act. To learn more about the current status and threats to this species, see the Protected Species Information Sheet.

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