Abbot's Cliff Nature Reserve

View along Abbot's Cliff, looking towards Dockyard

Abbot's Cliff Nature Reserve is located on the northern shore of Harrington Sound, in Hamilton Parish. The nature reserve covers 17.8 acres (7.2 ha) and is composed of two units; a plot of agricultural land near North Shore Road, and the cliff itself. 

Abbot's Cliff is one of Bermuda's most impressive sea cliffs. The steepness of the slope prevented it from being cleared either for agriculture or housing, therefore it remains an important refuge for rare native and endemic plants that have disappeared from other parts of Bermuda. Rare species found here include the Toothed Spleenwort, Bermuda Bedstraw, Snowberry and Wild Bermuda Pepper.

Visitors to Abbot's Cliff may enter the nature reserve from North Shore Road via Abbot's Cliff Drive, and proceed through the neighbourhood, taking the right-hand fork down Abbot's Cliff Close to the reserve. There is a small paved turn-around area at the reserve. Alternatively, visitors may enter Abbot's Cliff Road and follow it around to the right until it dead ends at the reserve entrance sign. There is very limited space to park at this entrance.

There is an eastbound bus stop at Francis Patton School (on the opposite side of North Shore Road from Abbot's Cliff Drive; use the pedestrian crossing) and there is a westbound bus stop on North Shore Road at the bottom of Abbot's Cliff Drive.

Visitors are asked to respect private property and not to disturb agricultural land. Visiting the cliff face is discouraged, both to protect rare plant life, and because the terrain is steep and the footing is loose. Poison Ivy is common on Abbot's Cliff and along the edges of the footpath.