Tersa Sphinx Moth

(Xylophanes tersa)


Identification Tersa Sphinx specimen in the collection of the Bermuda Natural History Museum

The forewing of the Tersa Sphinx moth is pale brown with lavender-gray at the base and dark brown lengthwise lines throughout. Its hindwing upperside is dark brown with a band of whitish wedge-shaped marks. The typical wing span is 2 3/8 to 3 1/8 inches (6 - 8 cm).

The caterpillar has one large eyespot and six smaller ones progressing down the body, with a light stripe roughly bisecting the eyespots, with a black "horn" on rear end. Both green and brown forms are known.



The Tersa Sphinx moth is found in gardens and open areas.



Adults feed at sunset taking nectar from deep-throated flowers such as Pentas species; while the Adult moth feeds on Honeysuckle flowers.



A migrant to Bermuda to attract it plant Pentas and Honeysuckle.


Tersa sphinx with wings folded