Queen Butterfly

(Dannaus gilippus)



Similar in appearance to the Monarch, the Queen Butterfly is chestnut brown with black borders on its forewings, 2 rows of white spots and scattered white spots. The typical wing span is 2 5/8 to 3 7/8 inches (6.7 - 9.8 cm).

The caterpillar is very striking. Predominalty white with black stripes and yellow dots, two large feelers at the head.



The Queen Butterfly prefers open, sunny areas including fields, roadsides, pastures and dunes. To find females, males patrol all day. Females lay eggs singly on leaves, stems, and flower buds; which the caterpillars eat. Adults roost communally. 



The Caterpillar and adult butterfly likes milkweeds.



To attract the Queen Butterfly to your garden plant Milkweed.