New Books

Brassey, Annie, In the Trades, the Tropics, and the Roaring Forties, British Library General Historical Collections, 2011 (reprinted from 1884 publication).  (REF BDA GENERAL)

Brunner, Bernd, The Ocean at Home: An Illustrated History of the Aquarium, Reaktion Books, 2011.  (SF457.3.B7)

Fry, Carolyn, Sue Seddon & Gail Vines, The Last Great Plant Hunt: The story of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank, Kew Publishing, 2011.  (SB118.38.F7)

McDiarmid, Roy W. et al. (eds.), Reptile Biodiversity: Standard Methods for Inventory and Monitoring, University of California Press, 2012.  (QL645.6.R4)

MacLeod, Colin D., An Introduction to Using GIS in Marine Biology, Pictish Beast Publications, 2011.  (QH91.57.E4.M3)

Mitchell, Alanna, Seasick: Ocean Change and the Extinction of Life on Earth, The University of Chicago Press, 2009.  (GC1085.M5)