The Bermuda Aquarium

The Aquarium collects and showcases more than 200 species of fish and delicate marine invertebrates from Bermuda's shallow coastal waters, its spectacular northern coral reefs, and the surrounding deep ocean.

Shore Fish Tanks

Start your tour of the Aquarium in our large hall showcasing the wide variety of marine life that inhabit Bermuda’s pristine reefs. Housed in 26 tanks, experience reef fish in their multitudes, along with lobsters, moray eels, lionfish, and octopus,  to name a few. All swimming through dimly lit caves and undercuts decorated in a profusion of algae, corals and sponges.

North Rock Tank

Discover the wonder of an undersea adventure with our 140,000 gallon coral reef exhibit. The North Rock exhibit features one of the largest live coral collections ever displayed in an aquarium and is home to a thriving community of local tropical fish. Look for our barracuda, black grouper and nurse sharks among the schools of horse jacks and pompano. You can also get an inside view of an underwater coral.

Harbour Seal Pool

Visit our Harbour Seal exhibit where you can meet our 4 adult female harbour seals - Charlotte, Calico, Ariel, and Pebbles.

Have an opportunity to interact with our training staff as they perform daily enrichment with the seals.


Don't miss their daily feedings at 1:30 and 4.00pm.


Turtle Pool

Our popular turtle pool at the front of the facility offers a free view of adult Green Turtles. Bermuda is a critical feeding ground for this endangered species, many of which spend their juvenile years feeding on seagrass beds on the Bermuda reef platform. Once they mature to a certain size they leave Bermuda and relocate to the Caribbean. As such, adult Green Turtles are actually never seen in local waters. This exhibit gives visitors the chance to see how truly big Green Turtles can get. These turtles have also helped our researchers to better understand their growth patterns.