Turnera (Turnera ulmifolia)

Turnera is a small shrub that grows to about 40 cm (16 inches) high. It has rough, pointed leaves with jagged edges. The woody parts of the stems are often reddish.  Turnera has yellow flowers with 5 rounded petals and a darker yellow centre. The flowers are about the size of a one dollar coin.

Turnera is native to Bermuda, but it has become rare, as it does not compete well with fast growing invasive plants. It can be found as part of the shrubby understory of the forest in some nature reserves like Spittal Pond. Turnera can also be found growing out of walls and rock cuts along the side of the road and in rock outcrops and cave mouths at Walsingham. Turnera is most easily noticed when it is flowering. 

 Turnera roots easily when cuttings are placed in water. It is also available from local plant nurseries; however other Turnera species are also available in nurseries that look slightly different than the native one. Turnera is an excellent garden plant, as the native variety does well in the heat and produces yellow flowers for most of the year.

Turnera resembles Wireweed which grows wild in Bermuda and has a similar leaf and flower, however the flowers of Wireweed are smaller than Turnera and are a lighter colour.