21 ways you can help protect and promote biodiversity in Bermuda

Preparing Longtail igloos

Preparing Longtail igloos

Invasive Queensland Umbrella Tree

Invasive Queensland Umbrella Tree

Native Turkey Berry

Native Turkey Berry

Please don't drop your anchor in a seagrass bed

Please don't drop your anchor in a seagrass bed

  1. Create a bird home by putting up Bluebird boxes and installing Longtail igloos.

  2. REMOVE these invasive plants from your garden and never plant them.

    • Brazil Pepper

    • Umbrella Tree

    • Surinam Cherry

    • Indian Laurel

    • Chinese Fan Palm

    • Casuarina

  3. PLANT these endemic and native plants in your garden. They are available from garden centres and the Save Open Spaces nursery:

    • Bermuda Cedar

    • Olivewood

    • Palmetto

    • Turkeyberry

    • Snowberry

    • Turnera

    • Jamaica Dogwood

  4. Don't litter. Wildlife can get trapped or tangled in your trash

  5. Consider adding bird baths or a pond to your garden

  6. Limit the use of pesticides and chemicals in your garden

  7. Never feed feral cats, chickens, pigeons, ducks or terrapins

  8. Check for toads before you mow your lawn

  9. Report sightings of Lionfish to the Ocean Support Foundation.

  10. Don't release your pets into the wild

  11. Never bring plants, animals, fruits, seeds or soil home to Bermuda from overseas. You could accidentally introduce an invasive species or harmful microorganism

  12. Support an eco-organization or eco-club at your school

  13. Take home your fishing line or dispose of it in bins provided by the Bermuda National Trust

  14. Don't collect shells which are alive. Find out which shells can not be collected at all.

  15. Catch and release when fishing for fun and always obey bag and size limits.

  16. Keep your dog on a leash when walking in nature reserves to avoid startling wildlife.

  17. Never using helium balloons outdoors, and consider not buying them at all.

  18. Plant 'butterfly friendly' plants like Milkweed in your garden

  19. Go slowly in your boat and watch out for turtles. Report injured turtles to BAMZ at 293 2727.

  20. Get your dogs and cats spayed and neutered.

  21. Don't anchor your boat in the seagrass or on coral reefs. Use provided moornings or sand holes when possible.