Going Whale Watching?

Be sure to read our Guidelines for Whale Watching before you head out onto the water. 

March and April is an ideal time to look for whales in Bermuda. During this time humpback whales swing by the islands as they journey north from their breeding grounds in the Caribbean to the cooler feeding grounds up north. 

You can often spot them just by standing on South Shore and searching for their giant spouts as they come up for breath or even see them jumping and tale slapping. However, many people head out onto the water for a closer look.

Whale watching while out on the water can be a thrilling experience and in our excitement we can sometimes forget that our presence can affect the whales. All marine mammals are protected under our Fisheries (Protected Species) Order 1978 and under our Protected Species Act 2003 it is an offense to disturb or harass humpback and sperm whales.  

The Guidelines for Whale Watching are designed to help you enjoy your whale (or dolphin) encounter and to reduce the risk of disturbance. 

Please help to protect the whales and dolphins by following the guidelines and setting an example to other boaters. 

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