Minister of the Environment and Planning highlights new coral book

Bermuda’s coral reefs are featured in the most recently released volume of Coral Reefs of the World. The new book entitled Coral Reefs of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories is fourth in a series that also includes coral reefs of the USA, the Great Barrier Reef and the Persian Gulf.

The current status of Bermuda’s reefs is documented within six chapters that cover broad aspects such as geology, oceanography, climate, biogeography, biodiversity, connectivity and potential threats. Information on the biology and ecology of Bermuda corals and reef fishes, as well as new species records for shallow and deep-water coral communities, and a summary of the total economic value of Bermuda’s coral reefs are also included.

The book is available to the public at the Department of Conservation Services Library at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo. The book can be purchased online at

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