Tackling Bermuda's Feral Chicken Infestation

Public Works Minister Michael Weeks (left) and Department of Conservation Services Director Andrew PettitToday the Minister of Public Works Michael Weeks announced the Department of Conservation Services' plan to combat the ever increasing feral chicken problem in Bermuda.

With an estimated 30,000 feral chickens roaming the island, Conservation Services is taking on the task to get their population under control.

Why is Conservation Services taking on this challenge? Feral chickens threaten the delicate balance of the Nature Reserve we are responsible for managing. Therefore, it falls within our mandate to eradicate this threat.

At the same time, feral chickens disturb numerous residents, spread trash, damage crops and potentially spread diseases. Therefore, we consider it a public service to actively control their numbers.


For more details about this plan please click the link below to watch and/or read the full statement by Minister Weeks.