Opportunities to study at the University of Reading: Biology and Conservation

An aim of the UKOTs and CDs Training and Research Programme is to develop opportunities for students from the UKOTs (including Bermuda) and CDs to study at the University of Reading. As such, it is essential to raise UKOT/CD student awareness of the biological science courses available at the University of Reading in the next academic year (2012/13).  Students in the UK begin to make choices about what university courses they would like to apply for early in their last academic year at school (i.e. from now onwards), so it would be useful for UKOT/CD students to be made aware of UK courses at this time also.

It must be clarified that students wishing to study in the UK must be self-funded, as there is no scholarship funding currently available.

 A document outlining the courses can be found here. Enquires should be directed to the University of Reading.