There are 4 species of small lizards in Bermuda. One is endemic; the Bermuda Skink, and the other 3 are introduced species of Anoles (Anolis sp.). Anolis lizards have a retractable fan (called a dewlap) which the males extend from a throat pouch during courtship or territorial displays. They differ from our Bermuda Skink in that they have feet that are specialised for climbing. The Anoles are all naturalised (introduced by man, but breed locally), and have established self-sustaining populations in Bermuda. There has also been recent evidence that geckos have become resident in some parts of the island.

Male Jamaican Anole with dewlap extended

Male Jamaican Anole with dewlap extended

Jamaican Anole (Anolis Grahami)

The Jamaican Anole is the most frequently seen of Bermuda’s lizards. The male can reach up to 8 inches long. He is bluish green with blue hind legs and a purple tail, but they change colour rapidly and may be dark brown, almost black. The brown version of the Anole is totally brown, unlike the Bermuda Skink which has a coppery orange head. The male Jamaican Anole also has a bright orange extendable throat fan. The female is 4-5 inches long and is greenish grey or light grey.

Male Jamaican Anole

Male Jamaican Anole (brown phase)

Female Jamaican Anole with diamond pattern on the back

Antiguan Anole (Anolis Leachii)

The Antiguan Anole is commonly referred to in Bermuda as the Warwick Lizard because it was most commonly seen in Warwick and Paget, but today can be seen in most parts of the island. This lizard is native to Antigua and Barbuda and arrived in Bermuda by accident probably in the 1940s.

Female Antiguan Anole (Warwick Lizard)

Male Antiguan Anole, note the large golden eye

Male Antiguan Anole with dewlap extended

Barbados Anole

Barbados Anole (Anolis Roquet)

This lizard is often referred to by Bermudians as the Somerset Lizard. It is only found in the West End in Sandys parish. This lizard is native to Barbados and likely arrived by accident in the 1940’s onboard ships arriving at the Dockyard.