Found a Wreck?


Please fill out the finders registration form. This form is submitted directly to the Custodian of Historic Wrecks and they will respond as soon as possible.

The 2001 Historic Wrecks Act provides for a register of finders.

All wrecks and their contents are the sole property of the Crown.

All new finds will be reviewed by the Custodian and brought to the attention of the HistoricWrecks Authority. Research will help to determine if the wreck is a known wreck.

The Finder must submit accurate GPS coordinates for the site and/or be willing to assist the Custodian in relocating the site.

If the wreck is unknown the registrant will become the finder of record.

If the wreck is known to the Custodian and the Authority and appears in the known wrecks database then the registrant will not be considered the finder of record.

If the wreck is known but is undocumented then the registrant will be logged into the shipwreck finders record as the latest finder of record. Please consult the Historic Wrecks Policy Document for information on what Finders of record can expect.