Stuart Small (The Mon Juan)

This small shipwreck is presumably not older than the turn of the 20th century. With a steel frame and wood planking, the hull was shielded in copper.  The engine appears to have been salvaged with three small boilers still present on the wreck suggesting that she was steam powered. The Bow is in 8 feet of water with the wreckage clearly visible down the slowly dropping edge of a large sand hole between two reef heads.

The older members of the Wrecks Authority, Mr. Teddy Tucker and Mr. MaCallan were familiar with this wreck and identified it as the Mon Juan.

It was brought up from Cuba in the 1930’s and worked around the US bases etc. until the 1940’s when it was scrapped and towed out and sunk in its current location.

Registered in 1998 to Stuart Joblin by the Receiver of Wreck.