Ship Waste Disposal

A ship staying in Bermuda’s territorial waters for a cumulative total of 7 days or longer within one year must apply for an Operating Licence for a Controlled Plant  (including electrical and steam generators, sewage treatment plants, incinerators, oily water separators, plants for the processing of gravel, sand, or soil) prior to the ship’s arrival in Bermuda.

Exceptions will be considered for those ships calling into Bermuda’s ports in emergency situations. Operating licences are not required for engines used solely for propulsion.

What is the definition of a ship?

A ship is defined as a seagoing steamer, motor or sailing ship. This includes hydrofoil boats, air-cushion vehicles, submersibles, floating craft and fixed or floating platforms. It does not include small craft usually plying the waters of Bermuda.

All ships of 400 gross tonnage and above and every ship certified to carry 15 persons or more, and every fixed or floating platform engaged in exploration and exploitation of the seabed shall submit a Mandatory Advanced Notification Form to discharge waste.

Waste disposal

Wastes should be segregated into the following waste types to align with Bermuda’s reception facilities:

Waste Type

Reception Facility

Contact Number

Combustible Waste (card, paper, plastic)

Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility

(441) 278-0560

Municipal, non-hazardous and combustible wastes (paper, plastics and food)

Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility

(441) 278-0560

Hazardous Wastes (oils, greases, mercury-containing items, flares, paints, batteries, fluorescent lamps, oxidizers, chemicals with a caution or warning label)*

Special Waste Facility

(441) 234-5184 or

(441) 501-3026

Recyclable Waste (Tins, Aluminium, Glass)

Materials Recovery Facility

(441) 278-5366


Sewage Sludge (By Vacuum Truck, <5m3 batches)

Tynes Bay Septage Facility

(441) 501-3029 or

(441) 278-0560

Non-combustible, non-hazardous bulky wastes

Airport Waste Management Facility

(441) 292-7454

Biomedical Wastes

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH)

(441) 236-2345

* Landing of Hazardous Wastes in Bermuda will incur full costs to repackage and ship back to the US to the EPA standards.


Discharging of wastes

Approval is required by the appropriate Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Public Works prior to discharging wastes.

You must complete and submit the Mandatory Advanced Notification Form  at least 24 hours in advance of arrival or upon departure of previous port if the voyage is less than 24 hours.


Waste contractors collecting waste

Waste contractors must confirm the reception of waste using the Mandatory Receipt System for Waste Contractors Collecting Waste.