Apply for a Protected Species Licence for Scientific Research

You will need a Protected Species Licence if you want to conduct scientific research on any of Bermuda’s protected species. You can be fined up to $25,000 or get two years in prison if you don't have a licence.

This licence can also be issued to institutions for the public exhibition of protected species, and for aquaculture or horticultural programmes.

Licences will be issued for a 12-month period and may be renewed annually.

How to Apply

You will need to supply the following information along with the application form:

  • Current curriculum vitae (CV)
  • List of collaborators and their qualifications
  • Proposed project schedule and fieldwork dates
  • Detailed project information including objectives, purpose and methods
  • Expected publications, reports or data that would be generated as part of this project
  • Please allow at least four weeks for the approval process.

This application, and any accompanying documents, will be sent to the relevant Bermuda Government officers for comment. You may be asked to modify your research plans based on their comments.

Additional Information

  1. You as the licence holder are responsible for the actions of any person designated to undertake research or collect specimens/samples on your behalf.
  2. Specimens/samples collected under this licence may not be used for any other purposes beyond the scope of the proposed study without the explicit sanction of the Department of Conservation Services.
  3. All relevant permits should be obtained before you export any specimens/samples out of Bermuda.
  4. Export permits should be requested at least two weeks before your departure from Bermuda.
  5. If a CITES permit is required, you should be aware that specimens/samples must be inspected no earlier than one day before export to ensure compliance with CITES regulations. You will need to contact the Bermuda Government Veterinarian Officer, Dr. Jonathan Nisbet, at (441) 239-2316 or to arrange a suitable time.
  6. A copy of any reports and publications resulting from activities conducted under this licence should be forwarded to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
  7. Annual licences will not be re-issued unless a satisfactory research progress report has been submitted to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.