Permits and Licences

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources issues licences and permits to allow activities to be carried out that would otherwise be prohibited.

Protected Species Act 2003

Licences: As described in Section 8 of the Act, will be issued to researchers and propagators who have long-term programmes involving protected species, and will be renewable annually. Licences will also be issued to institutions for the public exhibition of protected species, and for aquaculture or horticulture programmes. 

Permits: As described in Section 8A of the Act, will be issued for 'one time' activities that would otherwise be prohibited by the Act. Activities for which a permit will be granted include relocation of a species and destruction that cannot be avoided, for example if the species presents a risk to human health and safety. Permits will be given on a case by case basis as part of the planning process for the installation of utilities, trenching for cables, establishment of moorings and erection of structures. 

The aim of the permits is not to prevent development, but to ensure that whenever possible protected species and their habitats are impacted as little as possible. 

Historic Wrecks Act 2001

Under section 8 of the Historic Wrecks Act 2001, there are three classes of licence that can be applied for.

  1. Pre-disturbance survey licence
  2. Licence to excavate on an OPEN wreck.
  3. Licence to excavate on a CLOSED wreck.

When applying for a licence please be aware that while the Historic Wrecks Authority (HWA) strives to meet monthly there are many times when this is not possible. The HWA currently meets the second Monday of every month except for the month of August.

Applications should be submitted as early as possible and ideally 5 months in advance of the projected start of the project. The earlier applications are received the easier it is to provide feedback or address any complications that may arise.