Permits and Licences

Certain activities in Bermuda require a permit or licence, due to their potential impact on our natural environment.

Click on a topic in the list below to find out how to apply for the permit or licence you may need.

Construction and Operation of a Controlled Plant

In compliance with the Clean Air Act 1991, you must apply for a construction permit and operating licence for a controlled plant. Examples of a controlled plant include, but are not limited to, facilities used for the manufacturing of asphalt, spray painting vehicles and dry cleaning. 

Please note: a separate application must be made to the Department of Planning for planning permission and a building permit. 


Handling of Refrigerants

Only registered refrigerant handlers are permitted to carry out installations, repairs and servicing of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The permitting process is authorized by the Environmental Authority and is administered by DENR. 


Import, export and use of Controlled Chemicals

You need to apply for a permit before importing, exporting or using any controlled chemicals

Export Plant Material

You must apply for a Plant Export Permit before exporting any plant, seed, fruit or plant product (including wood) overseas. The country into which you are taking (sending) the plant material will determine the entry requirements. 

Export Wood Products

Contact the Department of Agriculture in the country into which you wish to import wood products to obtain their importation requirements. The import conditions and documentation required varies from country to country. You may be required to provide a Phytosanitary Certificate for your shipment.

Import Live Flowers, Floral Arrangements and Greenery

You must apply for a release form to import live flowers, floral arrangements and greenery. The release form communicates to H.M Customs that our department has authorized the release of the shipment directly to the importer. 

Import Potting Soil

Soil and topsoil are prohibited entry into Bermuda, though Bermudians can import grower's mix or "potting soil" with a special permit. Potting soil is defined as any medium in which plants can be grown. Coconut coir and specialized mixes, such as orchid mixes, also require a permit. 

Import Produce

You must apply for a permit before importing fresh fruit or vegetables that are considered High Risk Produce or from a High Risk Area. All produce is subject to inspection upon entry into the island. 

Import Sand, Stone or Gravel

To import sand, stone and gravel into Bermuda you must:

  • Complete and submit an Application to Import Sand, Stone and Gravel

  • Obtain a certificate of treatment (heat or fumigation), nemotode test results, or a sample of the product

Import Christmas Trees

You must submit an application to import plant meterial as the first step in the process of importing Christmas trees into Bermuda. All application for Christmas Trees must be received by the Plant Protection Laboratory by the end of June so that preparations can be made for the overseas pre-inspections. 

Import Pesticides or Fertilizer

A pesticide is any substance (including an organism) that directly or indirectly controls, destroys, attracts or repels any organism or disease that is injurious, noxious or troublesome to plants or animals. 

You must apply for a permit to import any pesticide into Bermuda. 

All animals arriving in Bermuda must be accompanied by an import permit. Animals arriving without the proper documentation will be immediately returned to the point of origin.


Scientific Research activities in Bermuda

You must apply for a permit before conducting any scientific research that involves Bermuda's environment and natural resources. 

Ship Wreck Investigations

Before conducting any research or investigations of a ship wreck in Bermuda, you must apply for a licence from our Marine Heritage Section. 


Water Right

You need approval from the Bermuda Environmental Authority before a well or borehole can be constructed. You will need to apply for a water right. 



Get a Dog Licence

Anyone keeping a dog must hold a licence for that dog. You must be 18 years old to apply for a dog licence. Licences are renewable each year.