Environmental Education Grant

An educational grant, to be known as the Environmental Education Grant, has been established to promote and encourage the study of conservation, ecology, agriculture, horticulture or related subjects and to recognize the importance of promoting these subjects as they relate to the appreciation, enhancement and conservation of Bermuda’s environment.

Grants will be awarded to persons who are normally resident in Bermuda who are intending to attend an accredited college, university or other educational establishment in the United States of America, approved by the Grant Committee, to study conservation, ecology, agriculture, horticulture or a related subject through a course or courses which are intended to lead to a degree or diploma in any of the said subjects.

Holders of the Environmental Education Grant will be free to accept other awards, loans or funds from any other source provided the total amount does not exceed the total cost of attendance at the chosen and approved college, university or other educational establishment. In this context, “total cost of attendance” shall mean the total cost of tuition fees, required books and equipment, registration fees and accommodation costs during the term or session time, together with the cost of one round trip economy airfare per year between Bermuda and the airport nearest to the chosen institution.

Grants will be awarded for one academic year only.

Applications may also be made through www.bermudascholarships.com.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure their application has been received.