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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is this a protected species?

Check out our Protected Species page to find out if that plant or animal is protected.

Q. How do I get my drinking water tested?

Contact the Environmental Health Unit of the Department of Health at 278-5397 or 275-5333 or email

Pests and Invasive Species

Q. Can you remove the sparrows and starlings from my roof?

No. Our Feral Bird Control service is limited to chickens, pigeons and crows. To remove sparrows or starlings from your roof we recommend removing all of the the nest material and then blocking up the access points with some kind of barrier, such as wire mesh, cement or rocks.

Q. What can I do about feral cats on my property? Can you remove them for me?

We do not trap or cull feral cats. Please contact CATs Bermuda at 291-2322 or via their website at for advise on what can be done about feral cats on your property.

Pollution Control

Q. Can I pay my bill (water right, operating licence, ect) online? Can I pay my bill over the phone with a credit card? Can I pay my bill over time, in instalments?

No. Please make payments at our office in the Botanical Gardens or by mail.

Q. How do I report an oil spill?

Contact our Pollution Control division at or call (441) 239-2303 or (441) 239-2356

Animal Control

Q. Can I pay for my dog licence online?

No. Please make payments at our office in teh Botanical Gardens.