Construction and Landscaping in Bermuda

Before starting any large development or landscaping project on your property, there are a few factors that you will want to consider so as to minimize risk to Bermuda’s natural environment. Making the correct decisions at the start of a project can save significant time and money down the line. Knowing the regulations for this kind of work in Bermuda will make it a much smoother and efficient process.

Know your Zones

Find out the Planning Zones for the area of your project and understand the development limitations applied to those particular zones.

Find everything you need to know on the Department of Planning’s website, or contact them directly at (441) 297-7756 or email

Bermuda Plant Finder

What are you going to plant in your new landscape? Have a look at our illustrated guide to Bermuda’s indigenous and invasive plant species and make an informed decision about the best plants for your landscape.

Do you need a permit?

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