The Bermudiana (Sisyrinchium bermudiana), Bermuda's national flower,  is a small member of the Iris Family. It has a distinctive purple flower with a bright yellow centre in the spring. When it is not flowering, the plant appears as a cluster of bright green or greyish green, strap-like leaves.

Bermudianas develop a three part, dark seed pod in June and July. These break open to release lots of small, round, black seeds. Bermudianas can be easily grown by collecting the seeds.

The Bermudiana is quite hardy and can be found in a variety of habitats, from sandy beach dunes, to rocky shorelines, and coastal forest floors. It is also widely used as a garden plant and will self-seed to form lovely meadows in un-mown lawns.  

The Bermudiana is endemic to Bermuda, but as it is widely dispersed and thriving, it is not listed as a Protected Species.