Aircraft Waste Disposal

Solid wastes from an aircraft shall be separated into municipal, recyclable, hazardous, bulky and biomedical wastes.


Tynes Bay Septage Facility: (441) 278-0560 or (441) 501-3029

Municipal, non-hazardous and combustible wastes (paper, plastics and food)

Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility: (441) 278-0560

Recyclable materials (tin, aluminium and glass)

Material Recovery Facility: (441) 278-5366

Hazardous Wastes (oils, greases, mercury-containing items, flares, paints, batteries, fluorescent lamps, oxidizers, chemicals with a caution or warning label)

Special Waste Facility: (441) 234-5184 or (441) 501-3026

Non-combustible, non-hazardous bulky wastes

Airport Waste Management Facility: (441) 292-7454

Biomedical Wastes

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH): (441) 236-2345

*Biomedical waste is waste that is contaminated with bodily fluids, including medical sharps and dressing saturated with blood. These are to be delivered to the King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH), Point Finger Road, Paget, for disposal.